Arizona Cardinals Extending Carson Palmer Would Be Good


Word came out yesterday that the Arizona Cardinals were in the process of talking to Carson Palmer and his agent about extending his contract.  Right now his contract runs through 2015 but there are stipulations to that contract that could have Palmer leaving before that.

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I think it is definitely a good thing the two sides are talking.  For the importance of the Cards future stability at the quarterback position and lack of distraction this could cause down the road this season this move is good for both sides.

Palmer’s shoulder injury has been well documented over the past few weeks but like I said the other day, I think Palmer made strides in just what a competitor he is on and off the field over the past month and a half.  It was quite something to go from not being sure on Friday morning last week if he could play to Sunday morning and deciding he could start against the Washington Redskins.

Palmer made a trip to Denver after Friday practice to get yet one more treatment and got back in time for Saturday meetings.  Then to have him perform the way he did at less than 100 percent on Sunday, going 28-44-250 and two touchdowns and no interceptions.  Amazing.

Palmer could easily be the Cards starting quarterback for another couple of seasons.  He doesn’t turn 35 until week 17 of the 2014 season.  If he can stay healthy, and of course we know that’s not a give by any stretch, then he is the man for the job.  He knows Arians’ system.  It gives rookie Logan Thomas a couple of years of learning behind him.  Drew Stanton is only 30.  He could possibly fall into a starters role if Thomas doesn’t work out.

We all know Palmer will throw his picks, although outside of the Seattle game last December, a game which he still won, he has really toned down the interceptions since the start of the second half of 2013.  For the sake of stability and a guy who knows how to play in Arians’ offense with success, he’s got to be a keeper for awhile.