Arizona Cardinals Need To Be Wary Of Trap Game


The Arizona Cardinals (4-1) will try to avoid giving the Oakland Raiders (0-5) their first victory of the season

The Arizona Cardinals haven’t exactly been blowing teams away but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  They are winning.  The Oakland Raiders have played some close games but close doesn’t count in the NFL.  If you trust the way things have gone in the first six weeks and believe in trends, the Cards are due to blow out the Raiders.  Be wary of the trap game though.

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Something I just heard on the Cardinals Huddle on was very telling about the Raiders.  They have followed each close game they’ve been in this season with being blown out the next week.  Last week was a close 31-28 loss to the San Diego Chargers.  Does that mean a blowout?  Maybe.  I don’t buy it though.  The Cards haven’t proven they can just go blow anyone out.

One of the hosts of Cardinals Huddle is former Cards defensive end Bertrand Berry.  He didn’t mince words.

"They better win (the Cards).  They are a better team."

No doubt, the Cards are a better team than the Raiders.  I don’t think that’s debatable.  However it is easy to remember where your opponent is at in the standings and what people think you should do to them as a first place team in the NFC West.  There may be a worry by some the Cards will play down to the competition.  Berry brought up another great point though about what the Cards need to remember.

"If you have playoff aspirations, you’d better win this game."

There it is.  A playoff team doesn’t lose this game.  A playoff team doesn’t have a let down.  A playoff team takes care of its business.  The Cards need to take care of business on Sunday afternoon.