Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell May Practice


Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell has been out of action since he was injured against the Denver Broncos on October 5th

The hit was illegal.  The hit looked bad.  The hit could have put him out for the season.  Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell has missed the last two games due to being hit on an illegal chop block by Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas.

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After fearing further damage, Campbell was diagnosed with an MCL sprain.  The initial prognosis was he would miss one to three weeks of action.  He’s right on schedule so far.  There is a chance that Campbell could practice this week.  We’re just talking about…practice.

As for whether Campbell can improve enough to actually play this Sunday at home against the Philadelphia Eagles remains to be seen.  The first step is getting him out on the field to practice though.

Even if Campbell can not go this Sunday against the Eagles hopefully he can get himself back on the practice field in at least a limited fashion.  He did not practice at all last week.  To even have a realistic chance to play this week though, he will need to practice in full.  The fact we are even able to discuss that option just a couple of weeks removed from what looked like a bad injury, is amazing.