Arizona Cardinals-Philadelphia Eagles History


The Philadelphia Eagles come to Arizona to face the Cardinals for the third time since the opening of University of Phoenix Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals have defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in four of the last six games between the two teams overall, three of the last five in the regular season.  One of the victories was the NFC Championship Game in 2009, with the Cards winning 32-25.

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This will be the Eagles second regular-season trip into University of Phoenix Stadium since it opened in 2006.  The Cards won in 2012 27-6.  It was a win that vaulted the Cards to 4-0 at the time.  That was a completely different team though.  That team only won one more game the entire season.

Last year the Cards went into Philadelphia and lost a close one 24-21.  It was the Eagles though that jumped out to a 21-0 lead thanks to first-half turnovers.  They ended up with a chance to take a late lead but that was nullified by poor calls on the field.  The blown calls weren’t the reason they lost though.

They allowed a very good Eagles team to jump out to a huge early lead at home.  You can’t do that and expect to win.  Since moving to Arizona, the Cardinals are 14-20 in the regular season against the Eagles.  The longest win streak for the Cards was a span of five games from November 2, 1997 until December 5, 1999.  The Eagles longest win streak over the Cards was right after the team moved here was four games.  That spanned wins from between November 27,1988 until December 24, 1999.