Arizona Cardinals Spreading Wealth Amongst Weapons


The Arizona Cardinals don’t have any top individual NFL offensive performers but a big reason for that is the numerous weapons they have

What’s wrong with Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald?  What’s wrong with receiver Michael Floyd?  These are questions I keep seeing fans and experts ask.  The answer?  Nothing.  They are just fine.

Yet another rumor and it isn’t a really a rumor because it is a fantasy thought by an writer, about Fitz being traded.  The article suggested Fitz be traded to the New England Patriots.  He’s lost his touch with the Cards.  Trade him now while he still have value.  Here we go again.  Why?

People think the Cards have started to phase Fitz out.  I pointed out early on in the season they weren’t.  Did you know Fitz has the most receptions (23) amongst wide receivers?  Floyd has 19.  The leader?  Running back Andre Ellington with 25.

The Cards have five players with at least 14 receptions through six games.  The Cards have 12 players that have caught at least one pass this season.  That proves the amount of weapons they can use in the air.

Floyd leads the team in total yards caught at 353.  He also owns the highest average at 18.6 yards per reception.  However he caught his first touchdown just a week and a half ago against the Washington Redskins.  So people were wondering what might be wrong with him?  Again, nothing.

Amazingly as many weapons this team has, their numbers could even be higher if not for stalled drives that settle for field goals and dropped passes.  A number of drops the past few games.   It also helps to have a quarterback who can get you the ball.  The Cards have that in both Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton but with the injuries they’ve suffered, it has been difficult to maintain consistency.  That will change now that they are healthy.