Arizona Cardinals Should Soak In KC Excitement Of World Series


The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series and the Arizona Cardinals could learn from how excited a city gets for your team when you haven’t been on the big stage in awhile

The Arizona Cardinals at 5-1 have brought a lot of excitement around the city and rejuvenated fans expectations of what could be come this postseason.  They should look no further than the Kansas City Royals to see just what winning when no one expects it can do for you and what a postseason in a city that doesn’t see it very often, looks like.

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With the Royals, it is slightly different.  They hadn’t even been in the postseason at all in 29 years.  They basically came out of nowhere in third place and three games under .500 in July.  The Cards have started out of the gate strong and the question there will be can they sustain it over an entire regular season?

However, it is such a cool sight to see with Royals fans and just how electric their ballpark gets during games.  World Series games one and two were above and beyond ridiculous with how Kauffman Stadium got.  Yes, it was electric in the postseason series as well but nothing like the World Series.

University of Phoenix Stadium gets loud on gameday in the regular season.  I can attest to that.  What it can do in the playoffs though is above and beyond anything you’ll see or hear in the regular season.  They’ve been there are recently as January 2010 but this year the Cards can take it a step further and be the first team to host and play in the Super Bowl at the same time.

You’ve seen how awesome Royals fans have been but Cards fans I believe can be even better and louder.  But what fun it has been during this World Series to think what could be in several months.  Its years of futility all built up waiting to let loose.  Go Cards!