Cardinals And Eagles Fans Get Into Fight (Video)


Arizona Cardinals fans found more opponent fans that wanted to fight on Sunday in the victory over the Philadelphia Eagles

It happened again.  Then again this most likely happens every week in every stadium.  This one just happened to be caught on video.  A couple of Arizona Cardinals fans got into a fight with a Philadelphia Eagles fan during a break in play.

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What you’ll see in the video is a couple of fans fighting with each other, a fan from each team.  It seems to die down with the exception of words.  Then another Cards fan comes in and throws a punch before security arrives.

You’ll remember a month ago the huge fight that broke out at the Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers fans.  Niners fans were pulled and taken away.  In this one, the Eagles fan was taken away by police.  It does not appear the Cards fans were taken away, although we don’t know what happens after the recording stopped.

I’m not going to place blame here but again the Eagles fan was the one escorted out, I’m just saying.  Now, there are bad apples with every fan base and I’m not absolving the Cards fans involved here because I don’t know what precipitated this incident but it seems to me this is happening more and more.  If you are coming into University of Phoenix Stadium as an opposing fan, behave yourselves.  Let’s just all enjoy some football my friends.

Warning: Some NSFW language