Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer Gets His New Deal


Rumored for weeks, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback and the team have agreed on a three-year extension

It is done.  The Arizona Cardinals have locked in their quarterback for the next three seasons.  Carson Palmer has agreed to a three-year, $50 million contract.  Details of the contract have not been officially released.

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For Carson Palmer this means he has become more than just a stop-gap quarterback.  When the Cardinals went out and got Palmer in the offseason prior to the 2013 season, many fans thought that he was just going to be someone who would come in here for a year or two and then the future at quarterback will have been drafted and ready to go in 2015.

Carson Palmer started really slow in Arizona.  Last season he finished with 24 touchdowns and 22 interceptions.  However many of those interceptions were early on when he was still trying to learn coach Bruce Arians system.  He only had one bad game in the second-half of the season at the Seattle Seahawks, where he threw four interceptions.  However he won that one with a huge fourth-quarter touchdown pass.

Think about where he’s come from though.  Many experts never believed he would be Kurt Warner and what he did here in reviving his career.  He still hasn’t done all of that yet but he is certainly on track.  Remember, this was a guy local media and many fans, not including yours truly, were calling for Drew Stanton to replace him after starting the season 3-4.  I said at the time to give it time.  He’s the guy and the Cardinals even said so.

Palmer hasn’t lost yet this season.  Despite having to overcome a shoulder nerve injury that put him out three games, he is 5-0 on the season.  He has 11 touchdowns against just two interceptions in his five starts.  He has fit in nicely.

Logan Thomas or someone else will be the future but the next three seasons after the 2014 season are all about Carson Palmer.  This could delay drafting another quarterback until at least after the 2015 or 2016 season.  Now we just need Palmer to stay healthy.