Arizona Cardinals Continuing To Win Not An Overreaction


He’s not Carson Palmer but he’s not Kevin Kolb or John Skelton or Derek Anderson.  He’s Drew Stanton and he will win you games

ESPN talking heads, like Tim Hasselbeck, Ron Jaworski, and Mark Brunell have practically written them off.   A couple of local guys seem resigned to the Arizona Cardinals maybe even having issues winning the NFC West.  Let’s be clear about one thing here in regard to losing Carson Palmer to a torn ACL.  Yes, Drew Stanton is not Palmer but he can still keep the Cardinals winning.  I feel awful for him as do all Cardinals fans but the Cardinals should keep winning.

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Stanton for his part agrees this situation is different than when he took over for Palmer when he had his nerve injury in his shoulder.  However the game plan hasn’t changed.  The scheme is the same.  The rest of the cast hasn’t changed.  There is no reason to believe the Cardinals can not keep winning.

To me, the amazing thing is how many people have all of sudden dropped off the bandwagon.  Did they not watch Stanton beat the San Francisco 49ers?  Did they not see him stay with the Denver Broncos until he was knocked out with a concussion?  Let’s slow down here.  As we’ve seen, it takes 46 guys every week to win.  There isn’t any one player responsible for the overall record.

It’s that right there speaking of concussion.  What happens if Stanton gets knocked out again?  Sure, then maybe the panic button is hit.  You can’t live on the what if’s though.  Play for and with what you have now.  That’s all you know for now.

To write off the Cardinals now is a ridiculous notion.  Stanton, it could be argued, was the reason the Cards won yesterday.  They were trailing 14-10 when he came in.  He ran that great offensive drive in the fourth quarter culminating with the 48-yard touchdown pass to John Brown.  The defense all of a sudden was inspired and took control of the game.

The question a lot of people asking today is can you win a Super Bowl with Stanton?  Coach Bruce Arians says they can.  Since day one when he got here in January 2013 it has been in Bruce I trust.  Why am I going to change that mentality now?  Whether he truly believes it or not, we don’t know.  If it is coming out of his mouth though, I have no reason to not to believe him.

He isn’t Palmer but let’s stop and briefly think about what we had not too long ago instead and think about what Stanton has already proven to you.