Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals Preview With Side Lion Report


Q&A with Fansided’s Detroit Lions site Side Lion Report

The Arizona Cardinals (8-1) have a huge home game this weekend against the Detroit Lions (7-2).  I had the chance to ask Side Lion Report’s Braden Shakleford some questions to get his thoughts on the the NFC matchup.

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1. A lot has been made of Detroit’s defense this week and people think Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton won’t be able to withstand the Lion’s pass rush.  What makes the Lions defense so good?

"What makes the Lions defense so good is how each unit compliments one another, but if I really had to pinpoint the success they’ve had this season on one unit it would be the defensive line. The constant pressure that the defensive line that features two first round picks (three before Nick Fairely’s injury) and specifically Ndamukong Suh, who is consistently drawing and beating double teams and creating favorable match ups for their edge rushers."


2. Detroit, Like Arizona, has a lot of weapons on offense.  How have the Lions been able to pull their games out at the end week after week?

"Again I have to point to the cohesion of the each unit. The players on defense have mentioned multiple times that they know if they get a stop the offense is going to get it done and the offense has expressed similar sentiments. Both units find a little something extra at the end of games and gut it out.More specifically, Matthew Stafford has been unreal in clutch. Last week for example, he went 8-11 for 79 yards and a touchdown with a little over a minute left in the game. He certainly has ice in his veins."

3. The Lions kicking game.  Is it a legitimate concern?  It seems like every week it is making news one way or another.

"Absolutely Scott. The kicking game has been reminiscent of a freshman JV squad. As good as Matt Prater was in Denver, Lions fans still cringe every time the field goal unit trots out onto the field. Prater actually missed the game winner against Atlanta, but got one more chance thanks to a delay of game penalty, he clunked a 52-yarder off the uprights in his debut, he clanked another in off the uprights against the Saints, had another field goal blocked last week and almost missed the extra point to put the Lions up by four with 36 seconds left against the Dolphins."


"This area could be the deciding factor in Arizona this week."

4. Some think Calvin Johnson is going to have a big game against Patrick Peterson.  Megatron returned with a big touchdown against the Dolphins and I see he returned to practice full on Thursday.  What do you see him doing against Peterson and the Cardinals defense?

"I think he has a solid game. Calvin didn’t get the nickname “megatron” for nothing. He’s one of the premier players in the NFL and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him pick up 100 yards and possibly even a touchdown."


5. Give it up.  What is your prediction for the game?

"If Carson Palmer was playing I’d have a hard time picking the Lions this week, but he isn’t so that makes this game, in my opinion, a coin flip. With this being Stanton’s grudge game against the team who drafted I expect him to be well prepared. I could also see the Lions’ field goal unit playing a factor Sunday.  However, as long as the Lions take care of the football I think they can win. Prediction: Lions win 21-17"