Arizona Cardinals Need Good Dose Of Andre Ellington


The Arizona Cardinals need running back Andre Ellington in a big way Sunday as he was shut down against the St. Louis Rams last week

The Detroit Lions know.  They know the Arizona Cardinals want to use Andre Ellington, get him more involved in the game now that they are on to their backup quarterback Drew Stanton.  Also Ellington was shut down last week and the entire Cardinals offense was held to 28 yards rushing against the St. Louis Rams.

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Ellington needs to be an integral part of the offense for it to be running on all cylinders.  Ellington has 582 rushing on the season on 167 attempts.  That is only 3.5 yards per carry but last week hurt that average.

Ellington also needs to hang onto the ball.  He is a big part of the passing game too.  He had five receptions last week but for just 19 yards.  That won’t get it done.  He had 23 touches last week but found little gain.  His 23 touches only got him 42 yards.  The Cardinals will need to run smart plays for him.  They will have to use him in situations the Lions may not expect.

You want to give Ellington his 25-30 touches but you have to use them wisely not just give him the touch for the sake of giving him the touch.  Mix it up.  Use your other weapons but use Ellington properly.  Two-yard side screens won’t cut it.  Detroit’s defense is too good.  If you thought the Rams defense was tough on him, Detroit is better.  Detroit is smarter.