Arizona Cardinals At 9-1: The Fans Reactions


The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Detroit Lions 14-6 on Sunday to go to 9-1 and continue with the best record in the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are now 9-1 which keeps them with the number one seed in the NFC.  They now have a two-game lead over the second seed Detroit Lions.  The Lions currently own the tie-breaker over the Green Bay Packers thanks to a head-to-head victory.

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So what are the fans saying about the Cardinals?  Most Cardinals fans are excited.  Some fans are tempered in their reactions, but you won’t see them here.  We are all about excitement!

Of course there are those fans Cards and otherwise who still doubt or won’t believe in the Cardinals yet.  If you can’t believe it yet, I don’t know what much else the Cardinals could have done up to this point other than go 10-0?  I guess they’ll just have keep winning!

That’s a true story.  If guys like Trent Dilfer can win, why not Stanton?  Frank Isola on ESPN’s Around The Horn today said that 10-15 years ago teams like the Baltimore Ravens could win on defense and little offense like Dilfer did but today it can’t happen.  I for one will be happy when the Cardinals make it to the playoffs and prove him wrong.