Arizona Cardinals Are Just Fine At Wide Receiver


The Arizona Cardinals were missing Larry Fitzgerald on Sunday but let’s not pretend they don’t have other weapons because they lost to the Seattle Seahawks

You’d think the panic button had been pushed.  They say they aren’t pushing it but that isn’t stopping fans and local radio pundits from saying that the Arizona Cardinals have no depth at wide receiver.  There were bigger problems than just receivers in the 19-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Sure, Michael Floyd doesn’t have the numbers he had last season.  He did have a couple of touchdowns last week though.  I just heard him called garbage on the radio.  Please.  Let’s be real.  He’s not garbage.  As coach Bruce Arians said last week, there are four good receivers on the team and someone will end up “being pissed off” each week.  There’s only one football to go around.

John Brown has been a great find.  No he’s not a number one or two yet but he’s headed in that direction at least.  Jaron Brown for the most part has been good.  He did drop a sure touchdown yesterday.  Receivers make mistakes though.

Two months ago everyone was saying Fitz was done.  Let’s trade Fitz.  Now, he misses a game and the Cardinals lose only their second game of the season and the question is where are the receivers and we’ve been reduced to calling them garbage.  Now Fitz might have leverage for next season.  The Cardinals need him.  Well, which is it?  You can’t have it both ways.

For people not saying they aren’t hitting the panic button, it sure sounds like it.  Let’s put on the brakes.  Yes, the Cardinals missed Fitz on Sunday but his absence was not the reason they lost yesterday.  You can have good games and bad games.  One bad game is not garbage.  A guy like Floyd can play better but he is also in a system that has a lot of weapons.  Just stop.