Arizona Cardinals Logo Pancake Looks As Good As It Sounds


Fansided and Raising Zona present the Arizona Cardinals logo in pancake form

Fansided has come together with Nathan Shields from to show off what every team’s logo would look like in pancake form.  Of course, the set is not complete without an Arizona Cardinals team logo in pancake form.

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We’ve seen the Arizona Cardinals logo in many forms.  We’ve seen it in cartoon form.  We’ve seen it in Star Wars form.  We’ve seen it re-done in ways we could never have imagined.  Now, the pancake.  Although it is a flat logo in a pan, of course your Arizona Cardinals have been anything but flat this season, so I do find this a bit ironic when it comes to the Cardinals.

As you can also see the other teams in the NFC West are also available for your viewing pleasure.  It doesn’t matter what form the logos come in though, as the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and the St. Louis Rams logos don’t compare to what the Cardinals logo offers.

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We leave it up to you though to decide which logo is best.  The entire NFL and their teams are logos available for your voting pleasure.  Our feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t choose the Arizona Cardinals but we would like to you peruse all of the logos and vote for your favorite logo.

We know it’s not all about logos when it comes to who is best on the field, so if you choose the Seahawks logo or the Niners logo in your vote, that is fine.  We know what team is in first place in the NFC West and no pancake logo will change that.