Arizona Cardinals: 10 Things We Are Thankful For


As we’ve come upon Thanksgiving, as fans of the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals we have a lot to be thankful for

The Arizona Cardinals are 9-2 so far this season and when you see a record like that, you’d expect there are some things as a fan you are thankful for.  In this case, you’d be correct about that.

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What we should be thankful for:

1. First place.  How often have we been able to say the Arizona Cardinals are 9-2 and in first place this late in the season.  The Cardinals have only won two division titles in the previous 25 seasons in Arizona.

2. Bruce Arians.  When you hear the story how the Cardinals landed him in January of 2013 and the Chicago Bears didn’t, how can you be anything but thankful for a guy that is so colorful and so much fun to listen to?

3. John Brown.  He is the real deal.  He’s got wheels.  He’s got hands.  That is a combination for much success in the NFL.

4. Todd Bowles.  Unfortunately he’s done such a good job the Cardinals are probably going to lose him after the season to another head coaching job.

5. Steve Keim.  He can evaluate talent.  John Brown from NCAA Division II Pittsburg State.  Deone Bucannon, off the radar at Washington State.  Pulling guys like Tommy Kelly and Larry Foote in free agency.

6. The record bringing attention.  It has been a blast writing about this team.  It has brought some national attention from band wagonners but that’s fine.  The more the merrier.

7. Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton.  I know that’s two in one but the quarterbacks have been a big part of the who the Cards have been this season.  Stanton didn’t have his best game last week by far but he will rebound.

8. Defense.  I can’t very well be thankful for Bowles if I’m not thankful for the job his defense has done.  They’ve been lights out for the most part.

9. The schedule.  The NFL was kind of enough to load six of the first ten games at home.  That was a big part in helping the Cardinals get off to a 9-1 start before a road loss last Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks.  Yes, the schedule is loaded with road and divisional games at the end but that’s fine.  They will finish strong.

10. YOU!  THANK YOU!  Thanks for helping make this season as enjoyable for me as it has been for the team so far.  We’ve still got some work to do.  Let’s get it Birdgang!