Arizona Cardinals: Chiefs Charles Blames Refs For Loss


 Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was not shy about his belief as to why they lost to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Kansas City Chiefs 17-14 on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium.  That much is not in doubt.  How the Chiefs lost though is in debate, at least it is by running back Jamaal Charles.  He thinks it was all on the referees.

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Per, Charles points to a pass interference call and a fumble as the reasons why they lost.  Well, the pass interference call was questionable but the fumble was a fumble.  Sorry Jamaal.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce appeared to initially have control of the ball he caught and ran with before the ball came loose and was recovered by the Cardinals on his way down to the ground.  I thought for sure it was a bad challenge by Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

After further review and the explanation given, yes, it was the correct call.  CBS’s Mike Carey, a former official, and Dean Blandino, NFL vice-president of officiating,  both reviewed the play and confirmed the call was correctly overturned.  That’s all I needed to hear.  Not necessarily from Carey because sometimes I think he’s wrong.  However going to the VP of officiating and hearing his explanation frame-by-frame on video on sold me 100 percent.

The refs didn’t cause the loss.  What about Alex Smith being sacked five times?  The interception?  The lack of touches by Charles himself after two early touchdowns?  The eight penalties?  Arizona Cardinals running back Kerwynn Williams rushing for 100 yards on 19 carries?  So many reasons other than refs caused this loss for the Chiefs.