Arizona Cardinals: Let’s Not Panic On Stanton Yet


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton injured his knee in the third quarter of their victory over the St. Louis Rams

So Drew Stanton went down with a knee injury.  There is no official news on his knee and we probably won’t know more until Friday.  Coach Bruce Arians said there will be no news until he gets an MRI, supposedly on Friday.

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What has me irked are all the comments on social media about who should come in and replace Stanton.  That is, everyone is assuming we are going to get bad news on Stanton.  I am not going to worry about it until something official comes out.

People mention Tim Tebow.  NO.  There is a reason why he is not one of the 96 active roster quarterbacks in the NFL.  Another one I saw mentioned is JaMarcus Russell.  No.  Vince Young.  No.  Clearly these peoople don’t understand what it takes for a quarterback to learn a system.  you can’t expect any of those guys to come in and get the job done this late in the season.  I’d rather chance with Ryan Lindley or Logan Thomas.

I get there is little confidence in those two guys.  I’m not confident that Lindley or Thomas can take this team anywhere.  What I am confident in though is Tebow, Russell, and Young are not going to do anything for you.  Period.

We can speculate what is next once we have certain word on Stanton.  If Stanton isn’t a season-ending deal, then if he needs to miss a game or two then it is what it is.  If he is, then we can discuss what the best solution is.  I don’t know if there is a good solution and I guarantee you any of those three aforementioned are not the answer.  Manage the rest of the way with what you have.