Arizona Cardinals Shouldn’t Allow Lack Of Respect Stop Them


Fans, Las Vegas, and now NBC have all shown a lack of respect for who the Arizona Cardinals are and what they’ve accomplished

They are eight point underdogs at home to the Seattle Seahawks.  Their own fans either think the Arizona Cardinals can do no wrong and will win the division on Sunday night, which is the right attitude to have, or they think there is no shot and they need Tim Tebow yesterday.  There seems to be no middle ground.  Now, NBC has gotten into the act of disrespect.

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NBC’s Sunday Night Football promo this week showed receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  That’s all fine and dandy.  The other player they showed in the promo?  That would be former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby.  Just truly amazing.

Someone didn’t do their homework.  I can’t believe for one second someone at NBC actually thought Dansby still plays for the Cardinals.  How about finding a current player?  There are a lot to choose from on the Cardinals great defense.  How about Larry Foote?  How about Alex Okafor?  How about Anotnio Cromartie?  What about Rashad Johnson?  I mean, so many to choose from.

There has been a lack of respect for what the Cardinals have accomplished from other networks.  I’ve touched on those.  Some have come around despite the Cardinals being on their fourth quarterback of the season.  However how much homework does it really take to realize the player you put in the promo no longer plays for said team?  Someone had to be in charge of editing the piece and did so, right?  I’m guessing not.

Since it was pointed by a lot of fans that have voiced their displeasure on social media this week, they could have replaced it with another promo by now, right?  Well I haven’t seen it.  Maybe after the Cardinals beat the Seahawks on Sunday night, then NBC will realize who plays and doesn’t play for this team?