Arizona Cardinals Annihilated By Seattle Seahawks 35-6


32. 35. 36. Final. 6

Seattle Seahawks can clinch the NFC West title next week with a win over the St. Louis Rams at home

The Arizona Cardinals lead the Seattle Seahawks once in this evening’s game 3-0.  After that it was all Seattle.  By all I mean, ALL.  It was a total domination on both sides of the ball en route to a 35-6 victory over the Cardinals.

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The one aspect of the Cardinals that was supposed to keep this game close was their defense.  The Cardinals defense was non-existent.  They gave up 339 yards to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the air.  He also threw two touchdowns.   That wasn’t nearly it though.

The Seahawks also managed 267 yards rushing.  By far it was the worst defensive effort by the Cardinals in stopping the run.  The Cardinals run game in contrast was abysmal.  The Cardinals rushed for 29 yards.  That was it.

The run game was bad but so was the passing game for the Cardinals offense.  Quarterback Ryan Lindley looked lost.  He looked confused.  At times he looked disinterested in the game.  Three-and-out seemed alright.  There was no spark, no fire, no passion.  He was practically lifeless.

I’m not sure what goes on in practice but whatever it is, it sure didn’t translate to the game field.  Head coach Bruce Arians sold us all on a bill of goods that didn’t exist.  If Ryan Lindley is improved from two years ago I’m sure glad I forget how bad it was in 2012 because this was downright awful.

Lindley was 18-44 for 216 yards and an interception.  He was lucky it was only one ball picked off.  He easily had several move that could have gone the other way.  Arians also said he’d have a package put together for quarterback Logan Thomas.  Oh he did.  It was one play and it looked awful from the get go.  I’m very surprised he didn’t bring Thomas into the game in the fourth quarter when the game was no longer in doubt.

I’d just rather forget this one but honestly I hope the Cardinals don’t.  Now they are going to have to take their lackluster effort and go on the road to San Francisco to face the 49ers.  The Cardinals have put themselves in a double trouble situation.  If quarterback Drew Stanton can go, he’s going to have to play next week.  It would have been nice to see him get the rest going into the playoffs.

The because there is a better chance of the world ending tomorrow than the Seahawks losing to the St. Louis Rams at home next week, the Cardinals likely end up with the fifth seed and will have to travel to either the Atlanta Falcons or Carolina Panthers in the wild-card round.  Forget the first seed.  Forget the bye.  These are things the Arizona Cardinals are never allowed to have.

They had 10 days to prepare.  They looked like they had two.  They put together their worst performance on both sides of the ball for this one.  It was the Seahawks yes and let’s give them credit.  At this point I don’t think they lose again this season.  They will be winning the Super Bowl.  However the Cardinals gave them no fight.  At least all of the experts that thought this game would go the Seahawks way, many felt the Cardinals would give them a fight.  Now they’ve proven all of their detractors right and we will never hear the end of it.

This team has ran out of its mojo.  A poor game plan defensively.  A poor game plan offensively.  This team has more problems than injuries and next man up.  They need to find some guys who want to play with passion.  I saw none of that in arguably their biggest regular season game since moving to Arizona 26 years ago.  They failed.  Miserably.