Arizona Cardinals 2015 Home/Away Opponents Set


With end of the 2014 season not only are the playoff set, so are the home and away opponents for the 2015 Arizona Cardinals

The 2015 Arizona Cardinals home and away schedule is quite interesting.  With the 2014 season needing to end to decide which other second-place teams the Cardinals would play from the NFC, now we know where they will play and who will visit Arizona.  In April we will find out when.

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The home schedule is fairly decent.  In addition to the NFC West opponents of the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams, the Cardinals will face the entire NFC North with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings coming to Arizona.  The opponents coming to Arizona from the AFC North are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.  Then for being the second place NFC South team, the New Orleans Saints will be coming.

The away schedule seems a little stronger though.  In addition to the Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams, the Cardinals will head east to face the Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.   Let’s hope the schedule makers give the Cardinals a break and spread those out nicely with maybe two or three of those in the first half of the season.  Having one or two of those games back east as a late afternoon game would also be nice.

There are some good opportunities for national television games on ESPN Monday Night Football and NBC Sunday Night Football.  I think home games up for that discussion will be the Seahawks, Packers, Ravens, and Bengals.  As far as road games up for this discussion definitely the Steelers, Eagles, Seahawks, and Lions would be candidates.