Arizona Cardinals: Focus on who’s here not who could’ve helped

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The Arizona Cardinals 2014 season came to a close Saturday night with a 27-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers

Much will be said over the coming days and weeks about why and how the Arizona Cardinals ended up in the fifth seed position, on the road, against an under .500 team, after spending all but two weeks in first place this season and having the best record in the NFL for that same period of time.  It’s what people think should or shouldn’t have happened we are still talking about now.

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Here are the guys that people wanted here in place of what we had.  Here is some of the roster that Cardinals and other NFL fans compiled over the past couple of weeks after the Cardinals finally ran out of next men up.

Tim Tebow.  Rex Grossman.  Kurt Warner.  Ben Tate.  Charlie Batch.  Brady Quinn.  Donovan McNabb.  Yes, these are players fans were calling for…a lot.  Clearly there are people who don’t understand football.  You aren’t asking for these guys as a Cardinals fan and if you are, I’ll just say you are uninformed or maybe you really don’t know much about football.  That’s ok though.  Allow me to explain.

There is a reason why Tebow is not currently on a roster and I will leave it at that.  I feel like I’ve gone circle around the world a million times explaining why Tebow was not, is not, and will never be the answer for the Cardinals.

Grossman had a chance to come play and probably start in week 17 in the NFL.  The Cleveland Browns called him and he said no thanks.  He wanted to spend the holidays with his family.  I’m a family man, so I get it.  However that means his heart isn’t in the game right now.  Not the answer.

Warner actually contemplated coming back for one night because he felt so bad for the Cardinals after losing Drew Stanton.  However he came to the same realization that I and a lot of other fans have come to over the past five seasons…he’s RETIRED.  He is NOT in football shape.  You can’t jump off a couch and start playing football.  It doesn’t work that way.  None of this works that way.

Batch, Quinn, McNabb were all names thrown my way the past several days.  No, no, and no.  Retired, semi-retired, retired.  Not helping this team.  Not now, not ever.

Tate was the newest addition to Cardinals armchair gm.  No.  There is a reason why Tate has been on three different rosters this season.  Tate, by the way, carried five times for 19 yards in a loss this evening in a starting role for the Pittsburgh Steelers.