Arizona Cardinals: A look at wide receiver in 2015


The Arizona Cardinals have one big question looming at receiver for the upcoming 2015 season

If there is a place on the roster that the Arizona Cardinals look secure at you would think it would be wide receiver.  However there is one big question on everyone’s mind as we approach a March deadline.  Where will Larry Fitzgerald be?

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Fitz will be a big decision.  We all know about the $23.6 million salary cap hit the Cardinals take by doing nothing.  They won’t be keeping him with that number.  If he decides to bolt Arizona for more money elsewhere no on can blame him but it probably determines if the Cardinals will seek someone cheaper on the open market or draft another receiver in his place.

If Fitz stays, I think the Cardinals are pretty well set.  They will get their usual six or seven camp bodies in addition to who is already on the roster but I don’t foresee many changes if Fitz remains with the team.

Now, if Fitz goes, that changes a lot.  First, the Cards need to find a good slot and possession receiver.  Fitz may not like it but he’s been good playing that position.  You can always count on Fitz helping you maintain possession of the ball.  Secondly, it does force the Cardinals to go find someone else.

Michael Floyd, for as disappointing as he was at times in 2014 will still be the deep threat.  He’s been up and down.  Some people are tired of him but I’m not sure you’ll find a better, taller threat in free agency.  He probably takes up a lot of Fitz’s targets if Fitz leaves.

John Brown was exciting to watch.  He’s another deep threat.  Its the shorter routes I worry about.  He had the case of the dropsies several times in 2014.  You can count on that being something he works on.

Jaron Brown also had some crucial drops, including a sure touchdown pass from quarterback Drew Stanton against the Seattle Seahawks in what was a tight game back in November.  He, like John Brown, is very exciting to watch.

Ted Ginn was a disappointment.  I can’t see why the Cardinals hang onto him.  I will say this though, since he signed a three-year contract last offseason, I would not expect him to be dropped until sometime in training camp if someone else can step up at the position in camp.

It’s the one unknown right now though that will keep this position in limbo.  We may know more by Super Bowl week but definitely by March 1st in regard to Fitz’s situation.