Arizona Cardinals only talking to LeBeau right now


The Arizona Cardinals may end up getting former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau but it won’t be for same position in Arizona

I’ll admit, I was like many others this past weekend when I heard that Dick LeBeau had resigned as defensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The timing easily could have been in conjunction with what the Arizona Cardinals may or may not know about the head coaching search of their current defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

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Here’s the problem.  Head coach Bruce Arians talked, talked, to LeBeau this past weekend.  Bowles hasn’t been hired anywhere yet, although it has been reported that the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons are both hot on his trail with second interviews this week.

Per our friends at via Mike Jurecki of Fox Sports 910 that LeBeau the position with the Cardinals is not likely to be that of defensive coordinator if Bowles leaves.  The position discussed is unknown at this point.

Even adding LeBeau to the staff would be a boon to the Cardinals.  LeBeau abruptly resigned from the Steelers last weekend.  He made a point to say he was retiring.  He was in his second stint with the Steelers.  He’s been a coach in the NFL for almost 42 years.  He just turned 77 this past September.

Adding a former Steeler, coach or player, has been the norm for this franchise ever since Ken Whisenhunt came to Arizona in 2007 as head coach.  Arians has carried the tradition on.

Of course the best of both worlds would come into play if Bowles happens to not get one of the head coaching openings and returns to the team and they were able to secure the services of LeBeau as well.  My best guess is though that LeBeau would only be coming to Arizona if Bowles departs even though LeBeau would be coming here for something other than defensive coordinator.

Whatever the reason, being an assistant or consultant can do nothing but improve a defense that really faltered down the stretch in 2014.  If Bowles does end up leaving, and my money is that he will, there is going to be a search for a new defensive coordinator.  Imagine if hiring LeBeau on in whatever capacity helps in that manner?

We probably won’t hear anything further though until Bowles is hired and we’ve gotten past the Super Bowl.  LeBeau was named to the 2010 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The entire 2010 Steelers attended.  That says it all right there.