Arizona Cardinals losing Bowles hurts but can be overcome


Todd Bowles was named head coach of the New York Jets after two years as Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator

Now having a day to let the news sink in that now former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has left the team to be the head coach of the New York Jets, it doesn’t feel any better now than it did 24 hours ago.  The Cardinals will move on but this one stings a little.

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Of course we all knew this day was eventually coming.  The Cardinals tried their best to keep Bowles in the fold during the season when they gave him a contract extension.  It was their way of saying please stay.  They knew though teams would come calling once the season ended.

It took all of a week and a half after the Cardinals season ended with the playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers before Bowles found a new home in New York.  Honestly, I think it only took that long because he had some many teams that wanted to interview him, some more than once.

There it is.  Arians said what we all knew the case to be.  He did great here in his two seasons, especially this season when he lost so many play makers on the defensive side of the ball.  Some have said they don’t mind having Bowles but could have the Jets done better?  Maybe.  Maybe not but a guy like Bowles has to be given a chance to be the head coach somewhere.

So, the Cardinals now move on.  The search is on for a new defensive coordinator.  It certainly won’t be former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.  He abruptly resigned last Saturday.  However he may be coming to join the Cardinals to be a special assistant.  We shall see.

Some have brought up former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.  He runs a 4-3, not a 3-4 like the Cardinals like to run, although yes the Cardinals could be accused of spending some time in a 4-3 this past season.

Not many other names being floated around.  Bowles is rumored to be taking Cardinals defensive assistant Mike Caldwell with him, so that will rule him out.  They could promote from within but I’d look for the Cardinals to find someone from outside the organization.  Either way, the Cardinals will survive.