Arizona Cardinals could be close to landing Lebeau


Reports have former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau joining the Arizona Cardinals soon

He’s coming but he won’t be the defensive coordinator.  Reports are out that former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is about to join the Arizona Cardinals as linebackers coach.  Interesting.

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After LeBeau left the Steelers and former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles left to become the head coach of the New York Jets, rumors came out that the Cardinals wanted to talk to LeBeau.  Quickly thereafter local media started reporting that LeBeau would not be coming to Arizona to replace Bowles as defensive coordinator.  Some guessed it would be in a special assistant or consultant role.

Now the word is LeBeau is going to coach the linebackers.  As of right now the linebackers coach is Mike Caldwell.  Reports are though the Jets are finalizing details on bringing him on to staff to be the assistant head coach to Bowles.

What does the hiring really mean though?  Is he really going to stick to just linebackers?  James Bettcher is currently an outside linebackers coach for the Cardinals.  The position will be open since Caldwell will be gone but my gut feeling LeBeau could have the position in title only.

It still leaves the Cardinals without a defensive coordinator.  There was word that head coach Bruce Arians wanted to promote from within but nothing further has been said about that this week.  It could be the Cardinals are trying to let the dust settle on Caldwell and LeBeau first.

Whatever the case is, it is nice to have the expertise of LeBeau on staff if that does in fact come to fruition.  Keeping him specialized at one position though doesn’t make a ton of sense but what do I know?  I do know he’s been a coach in the NFL as long as I’ve been alive.  That’s a man with knowledge.

If in fact he does stay specialized with just linebackers, they could use the help big time.  The Cardinals have had trouble first of all keeping their linebackers healthy and on the active roster.  The position has been one of much turnover the past couple of seasons.

Linebacker is a position that the Cardinals are expected to address in this off-season.  What better way to start than to have the coach situated first?  Then they have to deal with current personnel and evaluate where to improve.