Super Bowl XLIX host city says they’ll lose money


City of Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers told KTAR-FM in Phoenix on Thursday his city will lose money on event

The saga continues.  Last year the topic of Glendale not getting along with those involved in bringing Super Bowl XLIX to Arizona was brought up by Arizona Cardinals President Michael Bidwill.  Today, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers told KTAR in Phoenix that his city is about to lose money on hosting the event.  Just a case of sour grapes even if true?

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Weiers tried to have a bill run through the Arizona Legislature to provide Glendale with the extra costs involved with public safety, which is the reason Weiers says the city will lose money.  He says the business that will come in for the Super Bowl will only replace the extra business that would come in the winter anyway.  I beg to disagree.

First of all, those people that normally come to Arizona in the winter still came.  They are here.  Now add thousands of people for the Super Bowl.  It may not be an eye for an eye but the Super Bowl does help when it comes to the local economy.

University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale only hosts the Super Bowl game itself this time around.  Glendale also hosted the Super Bowl in 2008. Last time the NFL Experience also was next to the stadium.  All other events are taking place in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Weiers did say the city could eventually turn a profit from this event in the near future but did not elaborate.  He said the Super Bowl was approved by the last city council and they knew the city could face a loss.

Part of these suggested losses are part of the reason many of the events are believed to be hosted in the other cities.  Glendale didn’t want to pony up the money to help run these events.

For his part Weiers did say he is happy the Super Bowl is here and knows it does shed a positive light on the valley but to me he sounds more like a guy crying his city is involved in the event.  Sorry, this is where everyone wanted the stadium.  I’m sure if you asked a lot of Arizona Cardinals fans, they’d prefer it elsewhere, although there really is no one happy spot for everyone in this huge metropolis.  Remember, this stadium was going to be built in Tempe and even broke ground next to the airport before the FAA squashed that.

He should probably just enjoy the exposure of his city.  If it is true that his city will lose money next week he needs to look at the bigger picture.  His city will be on display and good hosts mean return customers.