Arizona is lucky for the Super Bowl XLIX experience


Arizona is hosting Super Bowl XLIX this week, the third time the NFL’s big game has been played here

There have already been a number of opportunities to get around town and take part in different festivities covering the Super Bowl this week.  You have to pick and choose your spots but if you play your cards right you might find something fun and not too expensive.

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Of course if you have money and want to spend it here this week, oh there’s plenty of opportunity for that too.  For a guy like me who can’t spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on an event like the Super Bowl, there are chances to get involved without it breaking the bank.

Today I went out to The Dan Patrick Show out at their Direct TV set across the street from University of Phoenix Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLIX.  His saloon for the week is decorated with Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots things but also Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State memorabilia as well.

One of Patrick’s walls has a framed jersey of former Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State star and hero Pat Tillman.  The other day he had an Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald jersey on the back of his chair.  A number of guests have already stopped by in the first three days.  Today it was Dan Marino, Marshall Faulk, Rodney Harrison, and Bob Costas.  Quite a lineup.  Patrick will also be doing a meet and greet on Thursday at Marjerle’s Grill in Scottsdale from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Tonight I am going to the Wounded Warriors vs. Arizona NFL Alumni game at Shadow Mountain High School in northeast Phoenix.  Former players like Jake Plummer and Danny White will be there as will some local media.  Snoop Dog will be there playing football and the halftime show.

There is also ESPN Fan Fest in Scottsdale at Fashion Square.  I have not been out there yet but did hear you get a good view of the ESPN sets.  The admission is free.  Also free is entry into Super Bowl Central downtown Phoenix.  Of course once you get into these events, then you’ll be probably spending some money.  You can’t say that about many events this week.

For my money, the experience of watching Dan Patrick and his Danettes was the place to be this week.  The Danettes, Paul Pabst “Paulie”, Seton O’Conner “Seton”, Todd Fritz “Fritzy”, and Andrew Perloff “McGlovin”.  They were all gracious in coming out and meeting the crowd during breaks.  They truly look like they are having a blast and are so grateful to be here.  It’s too bad we only get them for a week but by all appearances they are taking advantage of every moment.

Not every city gets to host an event as big as this.  Arizona is in their third go around for the Super Bowl but clearly more planning and more people are here this time.  The event just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Unfortunately the Arizona Cardinals didn’t get here as we had all hoped. It could be awhile before Arizona gets the event back but I think they will be back.  I give it about 10 years.  San Francisco, Houston, and Indianapolis host the next three Super Bowls.