Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer Sentenced


Running Back Jonathan Dwyer pleaded guilty and was sentenced for his domestic violence charges

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer has had his day in court.  He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and received 18 months of probation for his domestic dispute he had with his wife this past summer.

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Dwyer also received community service as part of his deal.  His other charges were dropped.  Now the question is will Dwyer ever play for the Arizona Cardinals again?  I have to say I would not rule it out but I also wouldn’t bet on it.

Dwyer was placed on the NFL’s reserve/non football-illness list, a special list that has apparently been around awhile.  It was a list though that really was made public just this past season though.  Dwyer was immediately placed on the list after his arrest earlier this season.

Dwyer is at a position the Cardinals do need to see improvement from but he is a guy that is considered expendable.  Of course the NFL may still have a punishment ready for him as well.  We shall see.  Either way, I just can’t see the Cardinals hanging on to him.  The Cardinals have taken the stance they will not stand for the kinds of things Dwyer was said to have done.

The Cardinals have been known to surprise me a time or two but Dwyer is as good as gone is my best guess, especially now that he pleaded guilty despite the fact that it was a misdemeanor.  This also brings up the question about Daryl Washington and his availability as well.

Washington still has to be dealt with by the NFL for his run in with the law.  Washington’s case has already been handled in the courts.  He too got just probation.  He is definitely in a position the Cardinals are looking to improve in but I know the Cardinals patience is running thin with him and he could be subject to further suspension.

Although it is hard to find a decent running back in the NFL these days, I think Dwyer is out.  Washington isn’t as clear cut to me but I would not be surprised if he is gone too.  I know there are people that have the opposite opinion and that is understandable.  The Cardinals could use both of them but I think they both are more of a liability than help at this point.  Cut your losses with these two Cardinals.