Arizona Cardinals: Top 5 WR Free Agents


The Arizona Cardinals will probably be looking to replace Ted Ginn at receiver/punt returner

As with many positions, there are a couple of roads the Arizona Cardinals could look down to find another wide receiver.  After the lack of production from Ted Ginn and at times Michael Floyd, the young rookie John Brown still learning, and the uncertainty of Larry Fitzgerald’s future, the Cardinals will need to find another receiver.

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It’s not the most glaring need for the team, even on offense, as that falls to running back, but with the Cardinals loving the passing game, it is a necessity to find another receiving weapon.  Here are the top five available receivers in free agency to the Cardinals.  These are guys that are likely to move on and not stay with their former teams.  Keep in mind these are guys the Cards could possibly afford.

1. Randall Cobb

He was slightly over $1 million on his cap hit in 2014 with the the Green Bay Packers.  He isn’t a number one receiver and that’s exactly to the Cardinals liking as they aren’t necessarily looking for a number one.  Aaron Rodgers certainly wants him back but are the Packers willing to re-sign him?  Cobb is also a great threat in the return game.

2. Jeremy Maclin

He has some injury history but several guys do.  If you are out looking for a number three guy, he may be it.  With the Philadelphia Eagles, he had 10 touchdowns in 2014.  That’s a heck of a lot more production than the Cardinals got out of Ted Ginn.

3. Torrey Smith

The Baltimore Ravens have offered him a contract worth $35 million over five years to stay but he hasn’t accepted it yet.  He would be the perfect fit as both a number three receiver and a deep threat.  The Cardinals love throwing the deep ball.  Smith may not be there when free agency opens in March but if he is, the Cardinals should take a long look, despite injuries he had in 2014.

4. Hakeem Nicks

Nicks has sort of disappeared since his great 2010 and 2011 seasons with the New York Giants.  In 2014 with the Indianapolis Colts, he caught 38 passes for 405 yards and four touchdowns.  Certainly you’d want to see a little more production out of the third or fourth slot but he fits what they are doing in Arizona and his age of 27 swings in his favor.

5. Nate Washington

He had a decent season in an awful offense.  He had just two touchdown receptions but had 40 receptions for 647 yards.  He”s a guy that can catch the short routes and beat you deep.  We’ll see if the Tennessee Titans decide to keep him or not.