Arizona Cardinals doing what they can to keep Fitzgerald


Arizona Cardinals Michael Bidwill says “it takes two to tango” in regards to making a deal with Fitzgerald

As we grow closer to the climax of the Larry Fitzgerald saga, Arizona Cardinals fans continue to debate as to whether he should remain with the team or they should trade the start wideout.  On Wednesday, Cardinals president Michael Bidwill told 98.7 Arizona Sports that they have had ongoing discussions.

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The Cardinals have said they want to keep him until he is ready to retire.  So, at least publicly they are saying all the right things.  That continued on Wednesday.  Bidwill though said “it takes two to tango”.  Some saw that as a ultimatum or a rip towards Fitz.  I saw it as plain truth.  All he was saying it does take two sides to make a deal.

Bidwill didn’t elaborate so we can never really know what he meant by the quote but I will say we are only hearing from one side of things.  Fitz certainly can’t be kept at the current salary hit the Cardinals would take with him at $23.6 million in 2015.  However he is still worth a nice salary.  Whether what he is worth is something the Cardinals can afford remains to be seen.

There are teams that could afford Fitz close to what he is scheduled to get paid and teams that would love to have him at any cost.  The Cardinals backed themselves into a corner though with Fitz and really have no one to blame but themselves.

Bruce Arians, Steve Keim, and Bidwill have all said publicly they want Fitz back and want to make a deal happen.  The question is, does Fitz want to stay in Arizona, even if it means a paycut?  He wasn’t completely convincing at the end of the season after the loss to Carolina but I truly think he’d prefer to just finish things out here though.

The deadline to make a decision on Fitz is coming up quickly on March 3rd.  However I think this decision will be made before then.  The Cardinals have said they won’t outright cut Fitz, so do the Cardinals make a deal or do they deal him to another team?

I think most are ready to see this saga come to an end, no matter the outcome.  If the Cardinals can’t come to an agreement, then so be it.  Everyone moves on.  I think the Cardinals should do everything they can to keep him.  As we know though, it doesn’t always work out this way.  Stars have moved on to other teams to finish out careers.  In this case though it would be because of money, not because his talent has declined so much he doesn’t fit into team plans.  He certainly still fits here, if the price is right.