Arizona Cardinals Add a Foote to Coaching Staff


Arizona Cardinals linebacker Larry Foote will not be a player-coach

When the Arizona Cardinals came calling on linebacker Larry Foote last offseason, to me it was another case of here we go again with former Pittsburgh Steelers.  Foote was brought in to help the lack of depth at linebacker given the suspension of Daryl Washington.  Now, he may stay in Arizona for 2015 but it could be as a coach.

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Foote had said during the 2014 season that he was taking it week-by-week as he neared retirement.  He ended up staying all season and had the second-most tackles with the Arizona Cardinals, tallying 84 tackles.  He also had two sacks and four passes defensed for the Cardinals last season.

Now Foote is still not sure whether he wants to continue to play or not.  I think a big part of what the Cardinals decide at linebacker in free agency but more importantly in the draft, will help determine which way Foote leans come this summer before training camp.

Foote is currently allowed to be added to the coaching staff per the NFL while he contemplates his future as a player.  He has not given up just yet on his playing days.  If he does wish to play another year, he can not coach.  Apparently the NFL Players Association frowns upon such a thing.  I can certainly understand that.

Certainly given the fact he played in all but one game in 2014, so he’s healthy, and he was also productive in the 2014 season, I would hope that he remains to play here one more year.  My guess is Washington isn’t playing in 2015, at least for a good part of it.  Even if he does, I don’t know that it is with the Cardinals.

If Foote does decide to retire and remain on the Cardinals coaching staff, then I say good.  He has 13 years of playing experience in the NFL and with some really good squads with the Steelers and Lions before coming to Arizona last season.

Foote’s retirement would leave a void but one this year could easily be replaced given the talent available on the market and in this years draft class.  By Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians adding him to his staff that tells me eveything I need to know how Arians and the Cardinals organization feels about him.  He is a quality guy and whether it is between the sidelines or on the sidelines, he will still be a major contributor to the 2015 Cardinals success.