Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett Sends Cryptic Tweet


Darnell Dockett sends tweet that says he will play in Arizona next year but maybe not as a Cardinal

Oh that silly Darnell Dockett.  He’s one to always play games when ti comes to Twitter.  Today was no different as he tweeted out a cryptic message indicating he would play in Arizona this season, just maybe not as an Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle.

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Dockett has been subject of rumors about what the Cardinals plan to do with him this offseason.  Will they keep him or let him go?  The other day general manager Steve Keim indicated that Dockett’s contract was the next order of business.  He did not indicate one way or another though if the Cardinals had interest in signing him to a new contract or not.

Dockett missed all of the 2014 season with an ACL injury.  He was a cheerleader on the sidelines.  He also criticized linebacker Karlos Dansby publicly, on Twitter, for leaving the Cardinals and going to the Cleveland Browns so he could get paid what he thought he was worth.  Dockett said he was chasing the money.  Now, could Dockett be doing the same thing?  Today’s tweet certainly opened the door to him not remaining with the Cardinals.

Hmm. Interesting.  So he will play in Arizona for one game or eight.  As we know the Cardinals play eight games at home.  That would mean he remains with the team.  One game means he would be playing for a team that comes into University of Phoenix Stadium next season.

One writer took that to possibly mean and NFC West foe.  But in addition to the NFC West teams, the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals all come to town in 2015.

Of the NFC West teams, if he goes to the San Francisco 49ers or the Seattle Seahawks, I think he’s doing it for the right reasons and it’s about more than money.  Going to the St. Louis Rams I think means he’s chasing the money.  Of those other teams, I’d think he was only chasing money if he went to Minnesota.

Personally I think the Cardinals will do everything they can to keep him.  They can’t and won’t break the bank for him though.  I’d love to see him stay but not at all costs.  I understand wanting to see a big payday but it sure would be nice to see Dockett get his Super Bowl ring in Arizona.