Video: Arizona Cardinals Could Use Two Speedy Llamas


Two llamas (actually alpacas) got loose in Sun City on Thursday afternoon leading to national drama

Many of us saw what unfolded on Twitter, on CNN, and on the internet on Thursday afternoon as two llamas got loose and ran through the streets of Sun City.  It all unfolded live on television and live internet streams.  It made national news and the Arizona Cardinals wasted no time in noticing either.

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The Arizona Cardinals, amongst other professional franchises, noticed the speedy llamas.  The llamas were able to keep people chasing them for quite some time.  There were two of them.  Although they were technically alpacas, tons of llama jokes ensued.  Of course the Cardinals got in on the fun.  When it’s the off-season, anything will get noticed.

Even Southwest Airlines noticed.

Then the speedy llamas were recognized by the Sacramento Kings.

All in all it was in good fun and the llamas were eventually caught separately.  They were lassoed in fact.  But the moves they made could certainly catch the eye of any NFL scout.  Welcome the llamas to the Arizona Cardinals!  Video of the chase is below.