Arizona Cardinals: Expanding Rosters Would Help


The NFL could consider expending rosters from 53 to 55 players

Troy Vincent, Executive Vice President for the NFL, came out this weekend and said the NFL’s Competition Committee is discussing possibly expanding NFL rosters from 53 to 55 players.  If you are the Arizona Cardinals, maybe that expansion came one year too late but it would be welcome at anytime from my perspective.  ‘

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The depth issues due to injury have been greatly documented when it comes to the Cardinals.  Having 55 players on the roster sure would have helped, especially when it came time to maybe take the risk of having to release a guy you really want to keep at one position in order to add a body at another position and seeing another team snatch the guy you never wanted to release in the first place.

I’m sure many teams would love to have the extra bodies.  There is never any shortage of guys just waiting to get their shot.  There are some negatives to having extra players though.  How about salary cap issues?  Certainly but if you are looking at your 54th or 55th guy, I’d be hard pressed to see where that would come into play often.  If you have 55 players on your roster, do you increase active players to 47 from 45 or do you keep it at 45?

I’m sure there is a lot to work out for sure.  I don’t see where expansion of the rosters though is anything but a good thing.  It gives drafted players a better chance to make rosters.  It can give an aging veteran another year if he’s healthy.  Of course it also adds 64 more jobs in the NFL.

We’ll follow this possible rule change closely amongst other proposed changes.  Certainly the intrigue is there and at some point I believe the roster expansion will happen, especially if the NFL wants to consider expanding the season at some point.