Arizona Cardinals May See Darnell Dockett Go to Rival


Darnell Dockett wasn’t joking when he tweeted Cardinals fans would still see him in 2015

Maybe Arizona Cardinals fans, including myself, should have take Darnell Dockett’s tweet a couple of weeks ago more seriously.  He tweeted that we would see him play at University of Phoenix Stadium once or eight times in 2015.  Once means he’s planning on going to a team that visits Arizona.  That team appears it could be the San Francisco 49ers.

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It is interesting that he is looking at maybe joining the Niners.  He’s really never gotten along with their players in the past.  The move of course would exhibit that he isn’t just looking for a payday.  The Niners will be expected to be a contender again in 2015.  If he visits them and they give him an offer he can’t refuse, who am I to argue?  Players move to rivals from time to time.  You don’t see it as much in football as we’ve seen it in baseball recently.

Dockett will probably give the Cardinals the chance to match whatever offer he gets but my best guess is he’ll tell the Niners what they offered and I imagine if he passes a physical and the two mutually like what they see, the Niners will better any offer the Cardinals are willing to give him.

It will sting a little if he chooses the Niners over the Cardinals but that’s the business of the NFL.  It isn’t always pretty and many times the business end of things fails to match what the heart wants.  This will be the last contract of Dockett’s career most likely.  He will be entering his 12th season in the NFL in 2015.

The bigger question is his health though.  He is coming off a torn ACL and all signs point to him returning by the start of the season but rumor has it he recently failed a physical with the Cardinals and that is part of the reason why the Cardinals let him go without a contract offer.

Whatever the case ends up being, I wish him well.  He worked his tail off for the Cardinals for 10 seasons and spent his 11th season on the sidelines being the biggest motivation for players outside the coaching staff.  If he moves on, I will miss his personality the most.  We shall find out more soon.