Darnell Dockett Did Not Owe Arizona Cardinals Any Loyalty


Former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett says no loyalty required

The talk of the day was former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett heading west to join the San Francisco 49ers.  He had his share of supporters and share of haters on social media on Thursday.  Many haters said he wasn’t loyal to the Cardinals.  he asked why he should have been.  It was a great question.

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Dockett tweeted he loved every tweet he got negative or positive on Thursday but when talking about loyalty, take a step back.  Remember, it was the Arizona Cardinals who released Dockett.  That wasn’t Dockett’s doing.  Exactly.

I’m not happy he left for the 49ers but he’s right.  What loyalty did he owe the Cardinals.  Sure the Cardinals wanted him back but if they really wanted to hold him, they would never have released him to test the free agency market.  He owed the Cardinals nothing.

He set the record straight on Fox Sports 910 on Thursday afternoon.  He was somewhat hurt the Cardinals he felt gave him a low ball offer.  Understandable.  The guy was just asked to cut his salary by two-thirds.  Dockett even pointed out that the difference in salary wasn’t that great.  He just felt that the Cardinals really didn’t want him and he felt they didn’t have any loyalty towards him, so why should he be loyal to them?  The fan reactions were mixed.