Arizona Cardinals Sign a WR, Some Fans In Uproar


The Arizona Cardinals signed WR Nathan Slaughter on Monday

This time of year every move by every NFL team finds its way under a microscope, no matter how popular the player involved is.  Monday was no exception to that.  The Arizona Cardinals signed a wide receiver that not many had heard of and you’d have thought the sky was falling for some.

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So first, please relax.  The addition of first-year receiver Nathan Slaughter was nothing more than a move to add depth to the offseason roster.  He’s not in danger of taking the place of a Larry Fitzgerald or a Michael Floyd or a John Brown.  The offseason roster can carry as many as 90 players at any given time.

Last year the Cardinals had nearly a dozen receivers on the roster when training camp started.  Today’s move was seen by many on social media as one of great significance.  Sure, to Nathan Slaughter it was.  Its a dream for a football player to be placed on an NFL roster at any given time.

However when news is slow or at least greatly reduced this time of year when the first two weeks of free agency have passed and we are waiting for the NFL Draft to take place, even the smallest moves get noticed by everyone.  I do love that it gets people talking though.

Not only did the transaction today get people all riled about about receivers, it also renewed a debate about quarterback and running back.  Why?  Running back I can see with all the rumors about the position right now.  The Cardinals are rumored to be in line for the services of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  They also had running back Melvin Gordon in for a visit last week as he prepares to be drafted.

The quarterback debate quote honestly is a tiring one though.  They have a quarterback.  They have two of them proven winners with this team.  Carson Palmer is coming off a torn ACL yes but he is well ahead of schedule and should be ready to go when training camp opens in four months.  Drew Stanton will be fine as the backup again.

I’m seeing people complain about adding a receiver when they should be looking for a quarterback.  Really?  Like I said this is just a depth move.  Slaughter isn’t going to replace anyone.  Palmer is the quarterback and if you don’t like it I honestly don’t know what else to say to you.  He’s not going anywhere.  Get over it.  Palmer went 6-0 as a starter in 2014 before his ACL tear.  So why the hate?

Not all Cardinals fans hate him.  This is just addressed to the ones that really don’t think things through before offering their opinion.  That’s fine though.  Those people just give me more to talk about.  However they do need a reality check.  Unless Palmer quits or gets injured again, he’s here for at least the next two seasons as your starter.

Now, this doesn’t preclude the Cardinals from drafting a quarterback for the future this year or next.  I don’t think Logan Thomas is the answer.  I think there is some doubt in Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians mind as well about that.  After one half of one practice at the end of December, he’d had enough.  Thomas isn’t ready.  Doesn’t mean he can’t be someday.  He just isn’t right now and is probably a couple of years away at best.  He’s a project.  We’ve seen what projects at quarterback have looked like for the Cardinals over the past several years.

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