Arizona Cardinals: NFL Updates Retractable Roof Rule


The NFL made a slight adjustment to the rule regarding retractable roofs on Wednesday

The Arizona Cardinals had the roof closed for all eight home games in 2014.  The only time that sucker got opened for a game was for the Super Bowl on February 1st.  With the exception of the Super Bowl, the Cardinals had the discretion as to whether it remained opened or closed for the entire game.  The NFL tweaked that a little on Wednesday.

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NFL owners approved a change that would allow teams with retractable roofs to be able to open or close their roof at halftime of games now.  Teams have control over their roof for preseason, regular season, and Wild-card and Divisional Playoff games.  The NFL has the say on Conference Championship games and Super Bowls.

Right now the rule says teams must decide no later than 90 minutes prior to kickoff as to whether the roof will be open or closed on gameday.  Once the decision has been made, no other changes to that status could have been made in the past.  Now, the roof can be in a different position in the second half of games in which the home team has control of it.

The rule, explained somewhat confusingly in jargon, now says that a team can decide on the fate of their roof for the second half but still at least 90 minutes before kickoff.  Say what?  So, basically, what changed?

I’ll tell you what changed?  Basically now a team can decide a first half and a second half roof status all at least 90 minutes prior to opening kickoff.  I’d love to know what team would decide to open it in the first half and close it for the second or vice versa?  I don’t think the Cardinals would change the status.

The Cardinals have found that the closed roof status works so I imagine they would keep it that way for the entire game.  Sure, they used to open it later in the regular season because of the nice weather but have now found the extra advantage it gives the Cardinals to have it closed.

To me, if you are making a move to change the roof status you are doing because of a weather situation only.  So why does the second half decision have to be made before kickoff?  This one has me scratching my head but then again this is the NFL and isn’t the first time they have me confused.