Carson Palmer Hits Two Years With Arizona Cardinals


There are still mixed feelings on Carson Palmer as starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals

On April 2, 2013 the Arizona Cardinals traded the Oakland Raiders for quarterback Carson Palmer.  At the time many saw the move as nothing more than a quick one to two year stop gap move.  Two years later Palmer is getting ready for his third season in Arizona coming off a contract extension and a torn ACL.

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There are still a lot of Palmer doubters out there.  Some want to scrap him all together and start working with the future now, whether that is with Logan Thomas or someone else they may draft.  It is hard to understand the haters at this point though.

Palmer has started 22 games for the Cardinals and is 16-6.  He went 6-0 in his six starts in 2014.  He isn’t going to blow you away with 300 yards and four touchdowns every week but part of that is the system he is in.  Sure he got lucky maybe early on in 2013 getting away with a couple but overall it is hard to argue against the record.

You can’ do better than 6-0 in six starts.  I don’t care how you got there.  No quarterback will be given seven wins in six starts, so why isn’t everyone happy with what he’s done so far?  If you aren’t then you are strictly a statistics guy.  I like stats as much as the next sports fan but I like wins more than stats.  That ‘w’ every Sunday is the one stat I’m concerned with.

Are people concerned about him coming off his second career torn ACL?  That’s a legitimate concern but Palmer and the Cardinals say he is ahead of schedule and should be ready for training camp.  If things go as progressed so far there is even a chance he could participate in OTA’s.  I wouldn’t count on that and I’m alright not rushing him.

Palmer has thrown for 5,900 yards with 35 touchdowns and 25 interceptions in his 22 starts.  He only threw three interceptions in his six starts in 2014 and one of them wasn’t his fault, the first one he threw on his fifth start.  His last interception was against the Dallas Cowboys early in the game to give them a 7-0 lead.  Oh, Palmer ended up 22-34 with 249 yards and three touchdowns in that contest.

So happy two-year anniversary Carson.  To Cardinals fans, be happy with what you have.  Palmer isn’t Kurt Warner but he’s sure light years ahead of what we had in 2010-2012.  As long as he stays healthy, Palmer and his $50 million extension will be around for at least a couple more years.

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