Former Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner Now HS Coach


Kurt Warner is back on the football field in a completely different role

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner continues to impress and amaze.  Known for giving back to his peers and his community, once again Warner is giving back.  This time it is his knowledge as the new offensive coordinator for the Wolves of Scottsdale Desert Mountain High School.

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The move is not all that surprising honestly.  Over the past several months you could tell Warner wasn’t completely ready to give up walking onto a football field. It also doesn’t hurt that this is his son’s team he will be coaching.  He teased Cardinals fans in January saying he would have considered a comeback had the Cardinals called him up.  Of course the Cardinals for their part said they never thought about it.  In the end Warner said he would have probably declined anyway since he’s now 43 and been away from football for five years.

Then last month he was on the field mentoring San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  He was trying to teach Kaepernick how he could be a successful quarterback remaining in the pocket.  The move didn’t sit well with some Cardinals fans being that it was a Niners quarterback but I thought it didn’t hurt anyone and I had no issue with it.

Now he’s made a move I’m sure will sit well with many Cardinals fans.  He will be a high school offensive coordinator.  The Division I school went 0-5 in their section and 1-9 overall in the 2014 season.

Being in the same section with schools such as 9-1 Desert Ridge and 9-1 Skyline and last year playing teams like 8-3 Brophy Prep and 7-3 Horizon surely didn’t help.  They did score points at times but now they’ve taken their offense to a whole other level.

Warner also spends his time as an analyst on the NFL Network and was a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first ballot back in January.  He did not get in but that will only be a matter of time.  Hopefully he can help a struggling team improve.

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