Bruce Arians Believes Female Coaches are in NFL’s Future


The NFL recently made history as the league hired its first full-time female official for the upcoming season. Sarah Thomas will wear the stripes to play one of the most important roles in football: officiating.

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After the news broke through the league, a hot topic being discussed throughout the sports world is women in sports.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians stated during an NFL owners meeting that he could see the possibility of a woman becoming a coach in the league.

“Someone asked me yesterday, ‘When are we going to have female coaches?’” Arians said. “The minute they can prove they can make a player better, they’ll be hired.”

San Antonio Spurs players have had positive experience with Becky Hammon who is an assistant coach for the Spurs. Hammon was a former WNBA player who had a successful career as a player, and now helps to coach one of the most efficient teams in basketball.

The NBA has had its share of female officials. There have been three in the history of the NBA, but only two currently serve as full-time officials. Overall, the NBA has had little to no problems with its female officials.

A woman as a head coach could bring up interesting questions such as: would there be new locker room rules? How would fans react to a good or bad call? Can a woman manage 53 gigantic men?

While all these questions do not have answers, we can ponder these topics until the time comes.

This would also be a good business move for the NFL after all of the domestic violence mess that Roger Goodell and the league faced last year. There have been female fans that were offended by the way the league dealt with the cases and supposedly gave up the sport. And let’s not forget that this could also bring in a boatload of new fans.

The NFL experimented with its female officials through offseason workouts and preseason games. The idea of taking a female coach and doing something similar to that is a strong possibility.

There are several women who coach at the high school level, but none at the collegiate or NFL level. The case for a female coach in football is an interesting one, and one that maybe Arians might try during his time in Arizona.

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