Arizona Cardinals Renovating Practice Facility Locker Room


The Arizona Cardinals changed jersey numbers of some players and now are renovating their training facility locker room

Some teams, such as the Cleveland Browns, went out and changed their uniform design.  The Arizona Cardinals announced yesterday that some players would be changing jersey numbers.  It was also announced on that former Cardinals linebacker Pat Tillman’s locker in the Cardinals training facility locker room would be preserved as part of a locker room renovation.

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The team originally hadn’t thought about saving Tillman’s locker but was able to save it before it had been removed as renovations had already begun prior to Tillman’s locker being removed.

The Cardinals opened their training facility in Tempe in August 1990 after the team returned from training camp in Flagstaff.  I remember it well.  I was working for the Cardinals as a ball boy at the time.  We worked with the equipment managers and we helped with the initial stock of the equipment room in addition to our duties out on the practice field.

It was a far cry from what the Cardinals had at the former East High School in east Phoenix.  After the Cardinals moved out of the high school it was eventually torn down.  Now since it has been 25 years since the Tempe facility opened, it is time to update the locker room and weight room.

I am thankful Tillman’s locker was able to be saved.  It sounds like the Cardinals got to it just in time.  Tillman’s locker will be preserved and eventually be put on display in the public lobby of the practice facility.

Every team makes certain changes in the offseason and it was about time that this change was made.  I know I’m making myself sound older than I feel, but 25 years is a long time.  It is still a great facility but now it will be even that much better.