Adrian Peterson Reinstated: Arizona Cardinals Back On Watch


Current Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is to be reinstated by the NFL on Friday

It didn’t happen on April 15th.  However it’s close enough.  Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will be reinstated by the NFL tomorrow, Friday April 17th.  Now, the watch is on to see if he remains with the Vikings or gets moved to the Arizona Cardinals or another team such as the Dallas Cowboys.

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Whoever ends up with Peterson in 2015 is going to have to pay him handsomely.  I’m still not convinced the Cardinals can pull it off with the money they have available.  I’m sure they can make it work somehow but at what cost?  The Vikings may just want the first round pick and that’s it.  It will be up to the Cardinals or Cowboys or whatever other team tries to trade for him to make the money work.

Now, I’ve voiced my personal opinion several times about the Cardinals going after Peterson.  I don’t want him here.  Not because of his age or even because of the money.  On the field, he’s worth every dime he gets paid no matter the cost.  There is no debating that.  Off the field is my concern.  We know about his case with his child.  I’m not going into detail there.  There are also reports about shenanigans on yachts with other players.  There have been concerns about money collected for a phony charity.  These are just reports but where there is smoke, well…you know.

I’m not going to speculate on any of that though.  Right now all we know is Peterson is about to be reinstated.  The Vikings have indicated they’d like to keep Peterson.  Peterson has made it known he’s not happy with the Vikings and was non-committal this week about joining the Vikings for upcoming practices once he was reinstated.

If Peterson comes here, he comes here.  It would be a public relations mess but I think whoever is ready to try to trade for him knows that ahead of time.  Is it still worth it though?

The 2015 NFL Draft is just two weeks from today.  If the Cardinals are going to move on Peterson or anyone for that matter, I imagine it will happen sooner rather than later.  My prediction?  He ends up with someone other than the Vikings but not the Cardinals.  I just can’t see how they are financially going to make it work even with the restructured contracts and the picks available to trade.