Arizona Cardinals: 2015 Schedule Now May Come Earlier


According to the NFL schedule is complete and ready to go

Other than the NFL Draft, nothing excites and NFL fan more in April than the release of the upcoming season’s schedule.  After word was released that the NFL planned to release the 2015 schedule on Thursday April 23rd now it seems as if it will come even sooner than that.

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If you think there’s been a lot of talk this week about the schedule, from the media and myself, you’re right.  Originally it was thought the schedule would be released yesterday April 17th.  The it was narrowed down to the 21st-23rd.  The word was then it was finally decided on the 23rd.  There is a push now though to get it out either Tuesday or Wednesday the 21st or 22nd this upcoming week.

So why not release it already if it’s ready?  Mike Florio’s piece on indicates it is a situation where the NFL wants the owners to get a good look at it first before it is released.  That makes sense.  He also mentions that the NFL Network would prefer a Wednesday release since this has become quite the television event.

We already know the season will kick off on Thursday September 10th in New England.  My best bets for their opponent are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and maybe the New York Jets as a long shot.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, I think opening weekend has its possibilities.  I would not be surprised to see them get scheduled on the back end of the Monday Night Football kickoff double header on Monday September 14th.  If that happens, they could find themselves pitted against any number of teams.  Their schedule lends itself to several national television possibilities.  I’ve broken that down a few times in the past.

The the other thing a lot of fans look for is the Thanksgiving Day slate of games.  Who will play in Detroit?  Who goes to Dallas?  What will be the NBC game at night?  Don’t be shocked to see the Seattle Seahawks or Patriots play on Thanksgiving night.  The Patriots road schedule is intriguing.  Maybe a New England at Indianapolis Colts game?

It’s just all speculation on my part.  I just can’t wait for the schedule to come out so the speculation can end and I can breakdown each matchup.  It’s going to be a challenging schedule this year both home and away for the Cardinals.