Arizona Cardinals: 2015 Schedule Well Balanced

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The Arizona Cardinals open the 2015 season and close the 2015 season at home

Upon first view of the 2015 Arizona Cardinals schedule I looked and wondered where is the respect?  Only three national television games, again.  They finished 10-6 in 2013 and got three national games in 2014.  They finished 11-5 and made the playoffs in 2014 and still only got three national games in 2015.  Then, I looked at the balance of the schedule and said never mind.  We’re good NFL.

The Cardinals will start the season with three of their first four games at home and end the season with three of four at home.  You can’t ask for much better balance than that really.  So, who cares what day or time the game falls on except for planning purposes?

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Of course with a schedule like that, that means after the third home game after week four on Sunday October 4th, the Cardinals only have two home games between then and Sunday December 10th.  That’s fine.  You want the quick start and the good finish.

The biggest bummer about the schedule is the Cardinals are slated for five early Sunday games.  They only had two early games in 2014.  Of the five early games, four are outside in the midwest or east coast.  The good part about that is two of those four outdoor games are November 1st or earlier.

Close predictions:

I was close on the Chicago Bears game.  I predicted week three in Chicago.  The NFL gave them week two.  I don’t know, something about playing a warmer game in Chicago seemed right to me when predicting what would happen.

I wasn’t correct in the Monday Night Football prediction for the Cardinals in week one against the San Francisco 49ers but I did have the Niners part correct.  They will open at home on Monday Night September 14th against the Minnesota Vikings.

I got Sunday November 1st exactly correct for the trip to face the Cleveland Browns.  I think I was just more lucky than good on that one but I had a feeling the NFL would spread the trips back east around.

I had the Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles back to back in December correct, just on the wrong dates.  I had the Vikings in week 13 on Sunday December 6th.  The NFL scheduled the Vikings to come in four days later in week 14 on Thursday Night Football.  I had the Cardinals traveling to Philadelphia in week 14 but the NFL put that game in week 15.  I just knew the NFL would put Arizona in Philadelphia in December again just like two years ago.

I also correctly predicted the season ending game.  Now, I had a one in six chance of being correct.  It was going to be a divisional foe either at home or away.  They put them on the road last season in week 17, so I figured it would be at home against a different divisional foe, so the Seattle Seahawks made sense to me.  Watch out for possible Flex Scheduling this week.