Arizona Cardinals: Ranking The 2015 Games


The Arizona Cardinals 2015 schedule is tougher than 2014 on paper

There are some great games to be played all around the NFL this season.  The Arizona Cardinals are no exception.  They play the entire NFC North, AFC North, and second-place teams from the NFC East and NFC South in addition to the NFC West twice apiece in 2015.

So how do they rank?  Are there any cake walks on the schedule?  Not really.  Are there some games that might be easier than others?  Sure.  So how do they rank?  I’ve ranked the games 1-16.

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16. @Cleveland Browns

A game the Cardinals should win but could easily lose on the road on the 1st of November.  A loss could really hurt here.

15. @St. Louis Rams

This is a game I don’t look forward to each season.  Rams can beat anyone at home.

14. Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton just doesn’t wow me.  He’s average.  He’ll look great one game and worse than John Skelton in the next.

13. Minnesota Vikings

It’s Thursday Night Football, so there is that.  Teddy Bridgewater will be fun to watch.

12. @San Francisco 49ers

The Cardinals haven’t won here in awhile.  Not a game I look forward to any season.  The Cardinals will eventually get a ‘w’ here.

11. Seattle Seahawks

I might rank this one higher if the Cardinals could actually play a close game against them at home.  Blowouts the last two seasons.

10. @Chicago Bears

If this wasn’t the first road game, I might take a nap for this one.  Jay Cutler.  Yawn.

9. St. Louis Rams

The Cardinals-Rams games always seem more exciting at University of Phoenix Stadium.

8. San Francisco 49ers

The Cardinals play the Niners close usually at home.  Looking forward to another win at home against them.

7. New Orleans Saints

It’s the season opener but you just don’t know what Saints team you’ll get.  Is it 2014 or 2010?

6. @Detroit Lions

We know the Cardinals can beat them here.  Now let’s see if they can repeat the feat in their house.

5. @Pittsburgh Steelers

This ought to be a fun one to watch in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh East vs. Pittsburgh West.

4. @Philadelphia Eagles

The NFL has a good memory.  Two seasons ago these two put on a classic ending in Philly in December.

3. @Seattle Seahawks

For some reason the past two seasons, the Cardinals have played the Hawks much tougher in their building.

2. Green Bay Packers

There could be a lot riding on this one for both teams on December 27th.

1. Baltimore Ravens

Monday Night Football.  At home.  Middle of the season.  Two playoff contenders.  Enough said.

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