Arizona Cardinals: Players, Media Speak Out On Tom Brady Suspension


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2015 NFL Season

Although the deflategate suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t affect the Arizona Cardinals too much as far as the 2015 NFL Regular Season goes, that’s not stopped from those in Arizona and players for the Cardinals from voicing their opinions.

Was the suspension blown out of proportion?  Was it right?  Was it ridiculous?  There are people behind every fence of the debate.  For me, I believe the NFL got this right in terms of number of games for the crime but again it proved that the NFL is just guessing at what should be right.  The Patriots were also stripped of their 2016 first-round draft pick, a fourth-rounder in 2017, and fined $1 million.

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Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, they all got a different amount of games for abuse situations.  Brady got four games for improperly deflating a ball.  Here is the issue I have and I believe the NFL had.  Tom Brady lied.  He was uncooperative in the deflategate investigation.  I think had Tom Brady come clean or been at least partly cooperative, I’m not sure he gets any games at all.  The Wells report was vague at best at what happened.

I think it is clear something happened and it involved Tom Brady based on text messages from locker room employees.  It made the NFL look bad and they reacted.  They reacted not to media.  They reacted not to fans.  They reacted to avoid bad public relations.  However what was worse, reacting or doing nothing?  Doing nothing would probably spark the very same debates.  The NFL couldn’t win here.  I’m not sure Tom Brady and the New England Patriots could have either though.

Arizona Cardinals, other NFL Players, and media chimed in on Twitter.  It has been the talk of the sports world and social media world for the past two hours since the word came down.