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Now that we are less than a week from OTA’s, it is time for a first prediction of who makes the Arizona Cardinals roster

It’s never too early for predictions.  Why?  Cause they can always change based on the landscape of a team.  The Arizona Cardinals start OTA’s next week.  So here is a first look at who is on the roster now and predictions as to how they will fare when it is time to lace them up for real in September.

First we will look at the receiver position.  It is one that has been talked about a lot since the season ended.  Larry Fitzgerald got his new contract.  Michael Floyd saw his option picked up.  It is definitely not an ignored position as long as the Cardinals are concerned.

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Who’s on the the roster: Jaron Brown, John Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Brittan Golden, Trevor Harman, J.J. Nelson, Damond Powell, Jaxon Shipley, Ryan Spadola,

That’s 10 guys the Cardinals currently have on the roster.  We know this probably isn’t who the 10 will be going to camp in July as things are always changing based on the availability of other players around the league.  They probably keep five of these players.

Who makes the roster:

Larry Fitzgerald: Clearly he was the number one priority in the offseason.  Some die hards thought the Cardinals should have rid of him so they could get some value back.  I think his greatest value is right here finishing his career in Arizona.  He can still get the job done.  Sure, he can’t do everything he did in 2004 when he was drafted but he isn’t 35 or 40 either.  He still has gas in the tank and plenty of it.

Michael Floyd: I’m not sure two or three weeks ago I would have predicted Floyd on the roster.  There were a number of rumors of his option not being picked up for his fifth season.  There were rumors after the draft of the Cardinals wanting to move him.  He still might be moved if something that comes along that can’t be ignored to replace him.  For now, He’ll be an integral part of the 2015 Cardinals offense.

John Brown: Hopefully there isn’t a sophomore jinx.  His rookie season with 48 receptions for 696 yards and five touchdowns was honestly more than some thought he’d be able to produce.  He’s a big play guy who the Cardinals will rely on for more than 48 catches in 2015.

J.J. Nelson: He has tremendous speed.  He ran a 4.28 40-yard dash at the scouting combine.  He is a good comeback player.  He also can return kicks so he could become valuable are more than one position.

Bubble guys:

I think the final spot will come down to Jaron Brown or Jaxon Shipley.  Brown on the surface seems like a lock but dropped passes last season were a concern.  He fell out of the spotlight that was ready to shine on him.  Shipley was signed as an undrafted free agent but coming from a huge program like Texas where he performed well.  He had 59 receptions for the Longhorns last season.  He is also a punt return specialist.

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