Arizona Cardinals: Extra Point Change Interesting


The NFL is reportedly down to three options to vote on in changing the extra point rules in 2015

The NFL is always looking to tweak things, usually to make the game more interesting to the fan and add more drama to the game itself.  Sometimes though you have to wonder if they are making changes like kids on a playground?  The Arizona Cardinals and the NFL are about to find that may be the case with the soon-to-be extra point changes.

Per, the NFL is almost ready to vote on changes to the extra point in 2015.  The option reportedly expected to pass is one that moves the kick from the two-yard-line to the 15-yard-line.  Two-point conversions will still be from the two-yard-line.

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Included in the change is the defense can be out on the field for continuous play and will have an opportunity to return a blocked kick for one point or a two-point conversion return for two points.  It is an interesting move, but is it necessary and how much more drama will it really add?

Arizona Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro would be trying the extra points from 33-yards.  He was 12-14 last season for field goals attempted between 30-39 yards.  In the NFL only two kicks overall were missed from 33-yards specifically.  So, why set the ball up at the 15?  Why not the 20?  Why not the 25?  I mean, if you really want to take the automatic out of the “automatic” kick…then go all the way or leave it alone.

I guess I should be happy they aren’t eliminating the extra point all together.  I don’t care if it is practically automatic.  It is tradition.  This is the way the game has always been.  Now, that being said, I’m not against change but there just seems to be so much randomness about this proposed change.

The change sounds like some guy just walked into the meeting and said “hey, let’s move the kick to the 15 and if you block it the defense can return it for one point”.  Why not two?  That’s a long way to run for just one point.  I’m just saying.  I do like the opportunity to run an interception or fumble on a two-point conversion back for two points though.

This is the option most likely to get approval.  There are two other proposals out there.  I’ll break down the approved option whenever the NFL makes it official.  For now, hopefully “Cat Man” is working on his 33-yard kicks.

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