Arizona Cardinals: New NFL Extra Point Rule Has Passed


The NFL has just passed the new extra point rules at the owners meeting

Start working on your 33-yard field goal attempts Chandler Catanzaro.  The Arizona Cardinals kicker along with all the other kickers in the NFL have just seen the NFL move the extra point from the two-yard line to the 15-yard line, effective this season.

Two-point conversions will remain at the two-yard line.  There was one proposal to move it to the one-yard line.  The defense can also return conversions and score.  That is the biggest change in my mind.

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The NFL had been toying with the idea the past few months and said at the annual meetings in Phoenix in March that a decision could be made as early as these owners meetings and they followed through with that threat.  As far as I was concerned nothing was broken, so why fix it?

Well the NFL thought the extra points were too automatic.  There were no missed extra points last season.  Now there is also the added element of allowing the defense to score.  I suppose that is a a nice benefit.  Now how many more teams will try to cheat their way to blocking a kick.  I’ll bet it happens at least once or twice.

As you can see, some fans aren’t too happy. I have more where that came from.

A couple of people did like the move and one even mentioned he liked it for the only reason I did.

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